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ENTRY FORM ROR Entry Form 3 Phase 2015.pdf OR Submit online form.




ALSO OPEN TO NON RoR HORSES ANY BREED ​(will not qualify for Floors but same rules apply)


Qualifier for 2016 

For Thoroughbred mare or gelding, 4 years old or over, any height. Riders must be 15 years or over. Horses should be plaited. All entries MUST be registered with Weatherbys in the General Stud Book and MUST also be registered with ROR. The class is open to Thoroughbreds that HAVE raced. The class will be run under the rules of BE Novice Eventing Rules see Chapter 7 in the BE Rule book.  Horses will NOT be ridden by the judge. Front boots and martingale are optional for sections I and II however, NO hind boots or bandages of any kind may be worn in section III. Jumping whip only allowed (max length 75cm). Dress as for British Eventing Novice Dressage Test/Hunting Dress.  

The first three qualify, but if the first horse has already qualified it goes down to fourth place. 


PHASE I: DressageTest (60m x 20m Arena) (20 points)  

Marks will not be awarded for individual movements but the test will be marked for  

general impression and overall performance.  


DRESSAGE TEST – to be ridden from memory  

A Enter in working trot  

From X proceed directly to  

M Working trot  

C Serpentine 3 loops each loop to go to side of arena finishing at A  

F X H Change rein showing some lengthened strides  

Between H&C Working canter right  

C Circle right 20m diameter  

M X K Change the rein with transition to trot between X and K  

Between K & A Working canter left  

A Circle left 20m diameter  

Between A & F Working trot  

Between F & B Medium walk  

B Half 20m circle left in free walk on a long rein to E 

E Directly to A – leave arena free walk on a long rein  

Followed immediately by:…………. 

PHASE II: Jumping(40 points) & Style & Presence Whilst Jumping (20 points)  

A course of 8 to 10 coloured jumps, including a double. NO time will be allowed between these sections for any adjustment to tack or rider’s dress. Maximum height of fences 0.90m. Scoring as follows: Knockdown = 5 points, 1st refusal = 10 points, 2nd refusal = 10 points, 3rd refusal = E, faults are cumulative. Fall of horse and/or rider will result in elimination.  


PHASE III: Conformation(20 points)  

Each horse to be presented, “stripped” in front of the judge. NO boots are to be worn for this phase.  

Total for all 3 phases = 100 points  

Note: following Section III, the ten horses with the highest marks will be required in the main ring for mounted prize giving. In the event of equality of marks, the horse with the higher jumping mark will be given precedence.  

British Eventing / BHS approved hat and harness to be worn in all 3 sections.